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Veteran C&P Examinations

Compensation and Pension examinations are conducted in the office to help the VA determine if a mental health issue exists, as well as what impacts it has upon the veteran's occupation and social functioning. 

What To Expect:

During your examination, you will be asked questions about your background (childhood, education history, work history) as well as about the symptoms that you may currently be experiencing. In addition, you might be asked to complete some psychological tests. Don’t be alarmed by this; testing is routine and it’s only one part of the exam.

You are not required to bring anything with you; however, if there is anything that you want reviewed and included in your evaluation, please bring a copy to be reviewed.

Important Information:

Don’t exaggerate your symptoms, but don’t diminish them either. When you are asked questions, be truthful. Explain  exactly how your symptoms impact your life. This can be uncomfortable, since this will be your first visit, but it is important to your claim that you be as open and honest as possible. You will be treated with respect and all attempts to ease any frustrations or discomfort that you may feel during the evaluation. Please let  the doctor know if there are any times during the evaluation in which you are feeling overwhelmed and need a minute.

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